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Bayleaf Cookery School was established in 2013 with a mission to widen children's food horizons and get them excited about food and cookery. Since 2018-19 our school have been working with Bayleaf They have been involved in delivering cookery clubs and curriculum-based cookery lessons that spark children's interest, engage their imagination and build the foundations for a lifelong love of cooking for themselves. 


The curriculum-based cookery lessons are age-appropriate with progression of skills and complexities of the recipes considered. These lessons are often linked to key learning/curriculum topics to ensure that purposeful links are made across topics.  


Throughout an academic year, Bayleaf Cookery offer an after-school 'Family Cookery' Club. This provision has been both popular and successful at Whitnash Primary School. 

The aim of these clubs, much the same as our curriculum-based cookery lessons, are to show our children and parents how easy and enjoyable it is to make delicious, healthy and cost effective meals from scratch. Parents and children participating in these 'Family Cookery' Clubs receive a gift of key cookery equipment on completion of the sessions, along with the recipe cards. This is a really great way to help parents replicate the wonderful recipes created at home with their children.

Elm make Provencal Tart

The children made Provencal Tart, a French dish made from short crust pastry, Mediterranean vegetables, herbs du Provence and topped off with cheese. 

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