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Our school is working in line with Eco-Schools Programme and aims to work towards the Green Flag Eco-Schools Award.

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Welcome to our Eco-Council

Our Eco-Council consist of pupils from each year group, who meet regularly to share ideas and to work towards the Green Flag Award.  

More about the Eco-School Programme

Session Aims:

Develop an understanding of the Eco-Schools programme, including:

  • It’s vision, values and ethos

  • The Seven Steps

  • The Ten Eco-Schools Topics

The Ethos

  • We are positive

  • We are long-term

  • We are supportive

  • we are flexible

  • We believe in young people

The Seven Steps

  • Form an Eco-Committee

  • Complete the Eco-Schools Environmental Review

  • Decide on an Action Plan

  • Gather environmental Curriculum Links

  • Inform and Involve others

  • Monitor and Evaluate projects in the Action Plan

  • Create the Eco-Code

Ten Topics

  • Biodiversity

  • Energy

  • Global Citizenship

  • Healthy Living

  • Litter

  • Marine

  • School Grounds

  • Transport

  • Waste

  • Water

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