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Plan de estudios

Forest School Tree.png

We are very lucky at Whitnash to have two members of staff completing their forest school training. Forest School can only be delivered by a qualified Forest School Practitioner and is different from curriculum outdoor learning. It is a long term process of regular sessions which facilitates the holistic development of the learner through play, risk taking and nature connection. Forest School is an ethos driven approach and is governed by its 6 core principles.


Forest school works to develop and support self-esteem, confidence, resilience, creativity, communication skills, and attitudes to learning and emotional development. Forest School is delivered in a woodland environment and we are lucky to have one on site at Whitnash. This means that this year, as these qualified members of staff get this up and running some children in key stage 1 will be receiving a block of forest school sessions. Children will take part in activities such as den building, minibeast hunts, colour hunts as well as wood craft skills and outdoor cooking.


This is a very exciting opportunity and when it is your child’s term to begin their six week block you will be notified via a separate letter.

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