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Bienvenido a Ash Class 2020/21

Ash Class
Teacher:  Mrs Ford 
Elm Class
Teacher:  Mr Jones

There was an impromptu 'Viking Dig in Y5 Ash Class.


After reading Archaeologist's notes on a Viking burial site found in the UK, the children wanted to make the artefacts that had been listed. They then wanted to take on the role of the archaeologists and of the skeleton remains. Mrs Ford had to abandon the planned lessons and let the Children take charge!  By the end of the day Children had marked out the Viking boat that was buried. This contained 'remains' of men, women, children and animals along with daily objects needed for the afterlife. 


Mrs Ford observed the children developing communication skills and teamwork and planning and composition skills as they created their museum exhibit. The children also researched each artefact and discussed why it was needed for the afterlife.


A day of drama and research led to a whole lot of learning.


Ask your child about the Viking rituals and beliefs!

Year 5 Remember

On remembrance day, Ash Class watched a 'photo Montage' video showing images of war and of veterans from WW1 to the present day.  After this the class had a long-and very thoughtful-discussion about remembrance. 


Later, Mrs Ford was presented with these independent responses - produced in the lunchtime scribble books! Despite being in rough books, they show amazing thought and care from the children's hearts...We simply had to share!

Forest School

After playing emotions charades -outside- the children search forest school for emotion cards, which were pegged in the trees. They then made the emotions -emojis- using leaves, branches, twigs, stones etc. 


The children LOVED it... a fabulous lesson.